let's talk [instagram husband] + zara purple

I'm gonna chat you up a little today, but first. 

First, of course, the deets. 

Sheinside Coat

Zara Coord

Rude Rebelle Sunnies

ASOS boots (old)

The life of blogger wannabe. 

A little perspective. I've been mediocre at this game for a hard while. Since 2009 in a cubicle of pipe dreams, I stumbled upon the dream boats of Atlantic-Pacific and Color Me Nana and Hello Valentine and thought my fits needed to bellow and breathe like those gems. 

So my aunt who I worked with at the time took terrible little photos (not because of her, scusa, Aunt Sue) with my Nokia Twist (because of this, scusa, Nokia). Same wall every day, bookend by the backs of tall soft grey forts. 

And every picture, I would cut my heads off. 

It was oh so terrible as aforementioned and I wish so much I could unearth these beginnings, but I usually trash my old skins. 

Then, came a good camera and the tripod and my garage door. And I would sprint marathons between the lens and the door and it was a garage of creativity. Probably, most creative and experimental blogo self. 

And then I moved and I tried the restart my garage door tripod game but the door was a different color but I was getting married but I kind of thought what's the use. 

But sometime in the year after my move, I got an itch and I saw people creating on insta and I asked my husband to take a pic or two. And here we are at my millionth domain and website and I'm really really loving my instagram gallery so. 

So I give you that lovely perspective to now tell you

IT AINT SO LOVELY because I've enslaved my husband. 


To note, I am really obsessed with @pursuitofportraits account. I save daily all the mindboggling insanity this account promotes. I do this to feed my obsession but to also give husband (read: prisoner) my concrete vision (read: lashes). And through the many looping links of the rockstar portrait accounts, this portrait FOUND ME and has been ON MY MIIIND. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 9.21.12 PM.png

Ok. Tim (husband). Let's try thiissss. 

(So lay on the ground and disregard our neighbors and the cold and you looooove taking my picture, right?)

Here is what happened in the 10-second trial. 

Good news. I (think) Tim still loves me and I will give him a weekend off because it's his birthday. 

What's the reality behind your blog friends? How much does your husband love you ... when the shoot is over?

Maybe the #suarezsisters can adopt me and we can take each others' photos? #BLOGOPIPEDREAMZ.